is a collaboration with the belgian band Razen, a reflection on ecstatic experiences and hallucinations from the Middle Ages. The performance was co-produced by Vooruit Gent, and De Studio, Antwerp.


Den Svarta Kaninen (2017) was a collaboration with Malmö Academic Orchestra. It’s a children’s show for two overhead projectors and chamber orchestra based on the book with the same name by Philippa Leathers (The Black Rabbit).
Conductor: Daniel Hansson, director: Oona Libens


Teatro Dondolo was originally a travelling collective of puppeteers, artists and musicians in the end of the 19th century. Originating from Italy they travelled through Europe, playing their peculiar shadowplays in the strangest places: market places, fishing houses, carousels, …
After doing some research about the collective in Italy Oona Libens found so many similarities with her own work that she decided to re-establish the group in 2011. It is a collaboration between the past and the present. Just like them she makes shadow performances, involving different artistic disciplines and scientific topics. She sometimes literally follows in their footsteps, as was the case when she showed her work Nausea in a fishing house in Northern Norway.